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Offshore Drilling. Overfishing. Pollution. Climate Change. Our oceans are in trouble. The time to act is now! Oceans make up 71% of Earth's surface and 99% of the living space on Earth.

Oceans are what make our planet unique.

Yet our oceans are being
destroyed at a staggering rate,
every single day.

Actor and longtime ocean
activist Ted Danson brings the
reality of this looming crisis
home and gives us the tools to
prevail in his first-ever book,
Oceana. Sharing a name with
the largest ocean conservation
organization in the world,

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The ocean makes up 2/3 of our planet, but through overfishing, pollution, and climate change we are slowly destroying it.
Oceana hits hard on all the reasons the ocean is in danger…and what we can
do to save it.

Packed with riveting facts, stunning photos, and full-color graphics that
boggle the mind and stoke the fires of change, Oceana is the ultimate rally
cry for our oceans in peril.

THE GOOD NEWS is that reform is already happening. In fact, serious
changes for the better are being made concerning every issue addressed
in Oceana.
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save the oceans with your own
individual actions.
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Written by Ted Danson
Oceana reveals the science behind ... Overfishing, Oil Leaks, Pollution, Offshore Drilling, Bycatch Horrors, Bottom Trawling, Climate Change.
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